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I am a mechanical engineer with previous industry, startup and research experience. I am currently working as a researcher at IIT Kanpur where I work on innovations in the medical industry with a focus on biological and mechatronic systems. I work with the doctors of SGPGI hospital in Lucknow to enhance their experiences through technology and research. My long term ambition is to advance medical science domain through in-depth academic research. I have also accumulated extensive knowledge of material science applications during my work in the automotive industry, and the challenges of my hardware startup have taught me the potential of innovation in the robotics industry.  

Additionally, I enjoy sports analytics, particularly football - theorizing tactics and formations. I am also a chess nerd and avid book reader and love doing things which are out of the ordinary.

I believe that sharing knowledge unlocks our stored and inherent potential (energy!). So, if you are interested in discussing anything - from football to science, just shoot me an email. I will be happy to talk.

The details of my research and project work can be found here.