Researcher under Professor Bishakh Bhattacharya in SMART MATERIALS STRUCTURES and SYSTEMS LAB


Mechatronic device combining breathing patterns with position estimation of the endotracheal tube during intubation

Endotracheal Tube guidance device

A soft inflatable device with dynamic reconfiguraton properties for holding endotracheal tube on the face for patients in critical care

Soft Mechanical Device for face support

small and inexpensive pressure sensor node for inflatable structures with novel installation and fabrication technique 

MEMS Wireless pressure sensor node 

Application of smart materials in radiosynthesizers to develop robust flow control actuators

SMA Flow control technology


Startup Founder

Co-founder of hardware makerspace and innovation startup with the focus on improving accessibility to low-cost hardware solutions in medical, robotics and agriculture technology.

I developed algorithms that mapped the rotting of the fruits - (tested on apple), with computer vision and gas sensing after observing the sample under different environmental conditions. This technology is useful for urban farming as it provides a technical understanding of the lifecycle of any agricultural produce. 
I undertook monthly workshops on electronics - particularly applications of Arduino, for college undergrads to innovate in horizontal fields of fashion, textiles, chemicals etc.

The startup with its focussed approach attracted our primary investor 91SPRINGBOARD in early days of conception  The company has now expanded to other cities as well in the form of offshoot makerspaces.


Suspension R&D

I joined Endurance Technologies company as product and technology development engineer. I developed the first four wheeler shock absorber technology in the company from the ground and tested it for our client (Bajaj Automotive) for functional, strength and endurance on new protocols. These shock absorbers are now in full production and are currently used in Bajaj's QUTE/RE60 quadricycle.


In addition to it, I also designed prototypes for adaptive damping control using alternative techniques such as ER/MR fluids.

The designs are closed due to NDA agreements. I can discuss details on request. Please  email for more discussions.


Student (B.Tech Mechanical)

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